Me before you: Soul in Glaze

Hi, I am Leezy.


My background graduated in interior design sparked my love in the materiality of things. I enjoy watching videos of craftsmanship, such as carpentry, glassblowing, and pottery, which led me to my interest in clay. Due to its accessibility and therapeutic qualities, it then became a favourite pastime. 

Reflecting on my creative journey, I am grateful for my first encounter with clay in college. Unlike traditional pottery, it was presented to me as a medium of expressing inspiration, conceptual thinking and structure building.

My creative path as an interior designer then led me to explore many other mediums and technologies, but it seemed that a significant portion of my time was spent working digitally and meticulously drawing lines with a mouse. Eventually, I realised that my job no longer satisfied my overflowing creativity, and the rigid world of geometric lines left me longing for something more.

This realisation prompted me to take a break from my digital endeavours and venture fully into my craft, and I've never looked back since. As I shifted my creative focus towards crafting objects, I delved into the ancient and rich knowledge of pottery, and infusing functionality into my artistic pursuits.  



This is just the beginning,