It was nice to meet you in 2023

It was nice to meet you in 2023

When I first joined the YAE! program, I was a newbie, unsure of my identity as an 'artist.' (I still do struggle with that). As a designer, my focus was primarily on my assigned work or work with clients and contractors. I preferred engaging with audiences who knew me personally, allowing me to authentically share my world of ceramics. This realization led me to prioritize building my community.

After much contemplation, I decided to host pottery workshops, a dream I had been nurturing for a while. In June 2023, I organized a series of workshops over the weekend, and I was overwhelmed by the response and the positive feedback from those who attended. This experience reinforced my belief in the power of attraction – attracting like-minded individuals who shared my passion for ceramics.

In the following months, I continued hosting workshops monthly in my cozy shipping container studio. Some of the highlights were the workshops I collaborated on with my artist friends, held in various inspiring spaces:

  • July: Clay Cheers Chill I at SEJIWA, National Art Gallery KL with the expressive painter @gr1mlish.
  • July & August: Clay Play, Yin, and Soundbath at OurBodySpace, KL with Sheri of Surrender & Feel.
  • August: Clay Cheers Chill II at Art Depot Gallery Space with @gr1mlish.
  • September: Outdoor Pot Plants Peace workshop at SRINITI-Community Garden BSDRA.
  • December: Clay Countdown in an Interior Design Studio-Furniture Showroom with FUKU Studio.

Planning and executing these special workshops was no easy task, but the satisfaction of seeing them come to life and the lessons learned along the way made it all worthwhile. Each workshop was a unique experience, and I cherished every moment, enjoying the process and the connections made.



featuring photos of the mentioned workshops and beautiful artworks by you.

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